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ПГК Английский язык Вариант 1

1. Окончание читается отлично от других в слове:
A) Needed B)Waited C) Developed D) Wanted E) Expected
2.Правильно написано слово
A) Diffecult cool Dufficult C)Difficalt D) Deefficult E) Difficult
3. “Wet” является антонимом слова:
A) Dry cool Fast C) Old D) Neat E) Light
4.Найдите синоним слова “To worry”:
A) To appeal cool To go on C) To apply D) To trouble E) To turn
5. Замените данное выражение одним словом: You put it into your tea or coffee.
A) Salt cool Sugar C) Sand D) Flour E) Juice
6. Найдите общее слово для данной группы слов:
A)Arm cool Body C)Finger D) Palm E) Neck
7. Выберите правильный вариант перевода слова: Невозможный
A) Possible cool Impossible C) Inpossible D) Dispossible E) Unposssible
8. Выберите сложное слово:
A) Expensive cool Graduation C) Beautiful D) Demonstration E) Airport
9. Дополните предложение существительным в притяжательном падеже:
This is my ... coat.
A) wifes’s cool wife’s C) wifes’ D) wife E) wives
10. Завершите разделительный вопрос.
The weather was changing the whole day yesterday, ...?
A) haven’t it? cool wasn’t it? C) did it? D) don’t it? E) were it?
11. Отметьте форму глагола, перед которой можно поставить «to”:
A) grown cool have grew C) grow D) will grow E) grew
12. Выберите правильный вариант ответа:
What is the national emblem of England?
A) shamrock cool tulip C) violet D) rose E) maple leaf
13. Заполните пропуск: Dad was invited to ... to see the headmaster.
A) school cool schools C) the school’s D) school’s E) a school
14. Вставьте необходимый предлог в предложении:
Doing exercises is good ... your health.
A) in cool from C) to D) for E) with
15. 869 правильно читается:
A) eight hundred sixty-nine cool seven hundred and sixty-nine C) eight hundred sixty-five
D) eight hundred sixty-three E) eight hundred and sixty-nine
16. Найдите порядковое числительное:
A) Twelvth cool Twelfth C) Twelve D) Twelveth E) Twenty
17. Закончите предложение: The shortest word in this group is ...
A) July cool February C) May D) July E) April
18. Выберите правильный вариант местоимения.
That butterfly looks like a flower. Aren’t ... wings wonderful?
A) her cool other C) its D) their E) ours
19. Выберите предложение с правильным указательным местоимением:
A) These big black box is rather new. cool This big black box is rather new. C) That big black boxes are rather new. D) These big black box are rather new. E) Those big black box is rather new.
20. Выберите правильный общий вопрос к предложению:
There wasn’t anything in the bag.
A) What there something in the bag? cool Was there something in the bag? C) Was there anything in the bag? D) There was nothing in the bag, wasn’t there? E) There wasn’t anything in the bag, wasn’t it?
21. Вставьте нужное слово. Where do ... live?
A) oxes cool oxens C) oxs D) oxen E) ox
22. Выберите правильную форму глагола “to be”.
I ... in the 8 form three years ago.
A) was cool were C)am D) are E) is
23.Выберите глагол в форме Present Indefinite:
A) Taughted cool Teaching C) Teached D) Teaches E) Taught
24. Поставьте глагол в предложении в Past Continuous Tense:
The children (to sleep) when their parents came home.
A) was sleeping cool were sleep C) was sleep D) were sleeping E) were to sleeping
25. Выберите правильную форму глагола в страдательном залоге:
How many buildings (to build) in your city every year?
A) Are built cool Has been built C) Were build D) Will be build E) Have build
26. Выделенное слово является существительным в предложении:
A) He stands at the window every evening. cool Why are you standing here? C) The stand with many books is in the corner of the room. D) Stand up, please. E) The computer for children stands in the room.
27. Выберите правильный вариант фразового глагола «to give”:
The mother ... ... and let the boy watch TV.
A) gave up cool gave out C) gave away D) gave back E) gave in
28. Выберите правильный вариант ответа или вопроса в диалоге.
- I’ve got an awful toothache.
- Open your mouth, please. I can see it. The tooth looks very bad.
- ... . Well, I’m frightened.
A) Nonsense. cool I’m very happy. C) Can you pull it out? D) Can you examine it out? E) Can you show it out?
29. Закончите пословицу: As you make your bed ...
A) ... by halves. cool ... than to go astray. C) ... three minutes behind. D) ... so you must lie on it. E) ... too late to learn.
30. Укажите предложение, где глагол “to be” является модальным:
A) She was sixteen last year. cool She was at the cinema. C) Mother is at home. D) What are you doing? E) The delegation is to come on Monday.

ПГК Английский язык Вариант 2

1. Выберите правильно написанную 2 форму глагола “to stop”:
A)Stopped cool Stopped C) To stopped D) To stoppd E) Stopet
2. Найдите синоним словосочетания “to finish school”:
A) To leave school cool To have school C) To enter school D) To get school E) To begin school
3. Антонимом слова “Absence” является:
A) Delay cool Adjustment C) Presence D) Substance E) Isolation
4. Составьте словосочетание: a broken
A) meal cool light C) banana D) window E) mood
5. Выберите фразовый глагол со значением «вставать»:
A) Get into cool Get up C) Get from D) Get down E) Get off
6. Найдите лишнее слово в данном тематическом ряду.
A) singer cool luggage C) passport D) customs E) aircraft
7. Выберите исчисляемое существительное:
A) Sugar cool Wheat C) Butter D) Peace E) Republic
8. Определите функцию придаточного предложения в следующем предложении:
He says, that his father is ill.
A)определение cool сказуемое С)обстоятельство D) дополнение Е) подлежащее
9. Выберите правильный вариант. His hobby is ... stamps.
A) Collected cool Collects C) Collect to D) Collecting E) Collect
10. Выберите правильный вариант ответа:
Whose monument stands in the centre of Trafalgar Square?
A) Admiral Nelson cool Abraham Lincoln C) Winston Churchill D) John Glenn E) General Washington
11. Выберите слово с четвертым типом слога.
A) Car cool Dress C) Tulip D) Fire E) Burn
12. Выразите одним словом:
You dry yourself with it:
A) Paper cool Dress C) Towel D) Leaves E) Water
13. Выберите правильный вариант ответа в диалоге.
- Do you like pop music?
- .... .
- Let’s go to the pop concert at new college.
- ... .
A) I would/ All right. cool Yes, we are/ We go. C) Yes,a lot/ All right.
D) I would/ You are going. E) No, I like it./ Good bye.
14. Соотнесите данную идиому с ее значением:
She has a green thumb.
A) She really won the prize. cool She is good at growing plants. C) She does more than it is necessary. D) She likes boasting. E) She cannot grow plants.
15. Выберите правильный вариант артиклей:
... Astana is ... centre of ... political and ... cultural life of ... country.
A) -/the/ the/the/ -. B)-/ a/ the/ -/ -. C)-/ the/ the/ -/ the. D) -/the/ -/-/ -.
E) the/ the/ the/ the/ the.
16. Выберите подходящий предлог.
Millions of people were killed ... World War II.
A) of cool from C) on D) during E) by
17. Закончите предложение: The weather was ... .
A) bad cool well C) badly D) brightly E) nicely
18. Найдите имя прилагательное:
A) eat cool slowly C) organization D) nine E) fruitful
19. Выберите правильный вариант степени сравнения прилагательного:
Last week was ... ... as this week.
A) Less cold cool Much cold C) Colder D) As cold E) More cold
20. Вставьте пропущенное местоимение:
It was a very hard time for him. He used to work a lot ... days.
A) their cool that C) these D) this E) those
21. Выберите правильный вариант местоимения:
I have not seen ... English films.
A) no cool nothing C) some D) any E) every
22. Вставьте подходящее по смыслу слово.
... wrote that letter?
A) Where cool Why C) Whose D) Whom E) Who
23. Поставьте предложение в Past Continuous:
My mother ... at 7 o’clock yesterday.
A) ... have been watching TV cool ... is watching TV C) ... was watching TV D) ... am watching TV E) ... will be watching TV
24. Закончите предложение:
The children haven’t finished their work ...
A) yesterday. cool yet. C)tomorrow. D) last year. E) then.
25. Выберите правильную форму глагола в страдательном залоге:
Last week I (to ask) to write an article.
A) Has asked cool Is asked C) Was asked D) Was ask E) Am asked
26. Выберите правильный вариант написания порядкового числительного: 22
A) the twenty second cool the twenty-second C) twenty two D) twenty-two E) twenty-second
27. Дополните предложение:
Look at this couple. I know his name. But I don’t know ... .
A) hers cool me C) her D) she E) his
28. Выберите правильную форму глагола “to be”:
We ... at the thetre tomorrow.
A) be cool were C) are D) will be E) was
29. Задайте вопрос к выделенному слову:
He speaks English very well.
A) What language does he speak well? cool When does he speak English?
C) Who speaks English well? D) What does he do well? E) How does he speak English?
30. Выберите правильный модальный глагол:
The children ... live alone. They are too young to look after themselves.
A) Mustn’t be
cool Wasn’t able to
C) Shouldn’t be
D) Had to be
E) Shouldn’t

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